7 Ways to Drive Online Traffic for Free

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Are you looking for ways to drive more online traffic to your website? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will discuss seven different methods that you can use to get more visitors without spending a penny. These organic strategies will help you attract traffic from search engines and social media platforms. Read on to learn how you can start generating free website traffic today.

Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to drive more traffic to your website is by sharing your blog posts on social media. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer a great way to reach a large audience with your content. Organic traffic from social media platforms can be up to three times higher than traffic from other sources.

Make sure you post links to your blog articles on all of your social media profiles and consider using a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule your posts in advance. You can also use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram to help increase exposure for your content.

Optimize Your Webpages for Search Engines

Another great way to drive free traffic to your website is by optimizing your web pages for search engines. This can be done by including keywords and phrases in your title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags.

You should also make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, as this is now a factor that Google takes into account when ranking websites.

Online Directories and Article Submission Websites

Another great way to drive free website traffic is submitting your website to online directories and article submission websites. There are a number of these websites available, and many of them are free to use.

Be sure to include a link to your website on your profile page, and make sure you submit high-quality content relevant to your niche.

Conduct Online Webinars or Podcasts

If you’re looking for a way to drive organic traffic without spending any money, consider conducting online webinars or podcasts. These are becoming more and more popular, with a lot of potential. 

Many platforms are available today, allowing users to create their free podcast or webinar series. You can then submit this content on websites such as YouTube or iTunes, where people will find it easily.

Create Helpful Resources or E-Books

Another great way to attract organic traffic to your website is by creating helpful resources or e-books. These can be anything from a list of the best WordPress plugins to a guide to starting a blog.

Be sure to include links to your website and social media profiles in the resource or e-book, and make sure you promote it heavily on your channels. This will help you reach a larger audience and drive more visitors to your website.

Write Guest Blog Posts for Other Websites

If you’re looking for a way to drive organic traffic without spending any money, consider writing guest blog posts for other websites. This is one of the best ways to get your name out there and start building an audience. It’s also free.

Be sure that you write high-quality content that will be interesting to their readership before submitting it. Also, ensure the website has a good Domain Authority score, so Google knows that they are credible enough to link back from their page. 

Finally, write in the first person as if you’re talking directly with someone who can’t see what’s onscreen right now. This writing method makes it easier for your audience to feel more connected when reading through all those words.

Present at Local Events and Meet-Ups

Next, you can also consider presenting at local events and meet-ups. Again, this is a great way to get in front of your target audience and build relationships with potential customers.

Events and meet-ups are also great ways to network with like-minded people in your industry and build relationships that could lead to future business opportunities. You’ll also get some free publicity for yourself or your company when people hear about how informative and helpful you were during the presentation.

Be sure to promote your upcoming presentation on your social media profiles and website and offer freebies or discounts to anyone who attends. You can also create a landing page on your website specifically for this event.

Participate in Online Forums and Discussion Boards

Finally, you can participate in online forums and discussion boards. This is another way to get in front of your target audience and build relationships with potential customers.

You’ll want to ensure that the forum or discussion board has a good reputation, so Google knows it’s credible enough for backlinks from their page (which helps yours).

Ready to Drive Your Online Traffic for Free?

The tips we’ve provided are just a few of the ways that you can drive organic traffic to your website for free. There are so many more, which you’ll discover once you start driving online traffic to your site for free. 

Put these tips into action today and watch your website traffic grow. And don’t forget to track your results using Google Analytics so you can see which methods are working best for you.

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