Types of Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is all the hype in internet marketing but can be daunting for those just getting started. There are many types of PPC campaigns and options, which makes it hard to know where to start. But, good news is you don’t need to know everything about every type of PPC advertising!

This article will look into the most popular types of PPC campaigns to give you an idea of where you should focus your marketing efforts. Then, it will tackle the most common PPC ad types available for marketers, so read on to get started on your PPC journey.

Search Ads

Search ads are the most basic type of PPC advertising. They appear at the top of search engine results pages when users type in a query that matches your keywords. Search ad listings include a headline, description lines, and a URL to help attract clicks from users looking for products or services like yours.

To create an effective search ad, start by choosing your keywords. After that, you can use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to help you identify keywords that might work well for your business. Once you have chosen a keyword for your business, you need to create an ad with compelling copy and a strong call to action.

Display Ads

Display ads are the second most common type of PPC ad next to search ads. This type of ad appears on websites and targets specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and even past website visits. Display ads have different types, including standard banners, skyscraper ads, and pop-ups.

When creating a display ad, you could use images and copies that speak to your customers and encourage them to take action. But, before you get too creative, you need to make sure that you follow Google’s Ad Image Requirement rules. This way, your ad won’t get denied.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is one of the most effective types of PPC advertising. It allows you to target people who have already visited your website with ads that promote your product or service. 

Remarketing works by placing a small piece of code on your website called a “pixel.” This pixel collects information about visitors to your site, including the pages they have viewed and how long they spent on each page.

Then, the pixel tracks these users as they browse the web, serving them with ads relevant to their past browsing behavior. Remarketing ads are also shown across different devices, making them a powerful way to increase conversions from users who have already shown considerable interest in your business.

Video Ads

With the advent of YouTube and other video platforms, video ads have become a popular way to advertise online. People love video ads because they’re engaging and easy to digest. Brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Samsung have all had great success with video advertising.

To create a video ad, start by brainstorming some ideas for a storyboard. Your video should be short and sweet. Make sure that the story is straightforward and the message is strong. Next, upload your video to YouTube and use relevant keywords so people can find it easily. Finally, make sure to add subtitles to your video.

Social Ads

As the name suggests, social ads appear on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The most common type of social ad is the sponsored post. It is a paid advertisement that appears in the user’s news feed.

Sponsored posts are a fantastic approach to reaching new customers and building awareness for your brand. However, they mainly work for millennials and Gen Z’s because they rely on social media for their daily dose of news and information. 

As a result, these apps influence purchasing decisions among young people than e-mail campaigns, rewards programs, etc.

Shopping Ads

The final type of PPC advertising that we’ll discuss is shopping ads. Shopping ads are a type of PPC ad that appears in the search results when someone searches for products on Google. They include product titles and descriptions along with an image, price range, store name, or retailer logo—all designed to entice people into clicking through to your site so they can buy something!

An example of the clever use of shopping ads is Amazon. They use a “buy now with one click” button as part of the ad. This helps people to buy what they’re looking for easily and quickly.


There are different types of PPC advertising available to businesses. Therefore, experiment with a few types of ads to see which ones work best for you. Always be sure to track the results so you can optimize your campaigns and get the most bang for your buck.

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